Delta Dental Plan

Delta Dental is a member of the nationwide Delta Dental Plans Association, which covers more than 50 million Americans and includes the participation of three out of four dentists nationwide. All 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are covered by DDPA member companies. Delta Dental has led the industry in offering innovative programs designed to control costs and ensure quality care.

Dental Benefit Programs:

  • Delta Dental offers a variety of dental benefit plans. Plans are offered to purchasers through several funding options including fully underwritten and administrative (self-funded) approaches. Two prepaid dental plans are offered to individuals/families and seniors.
  • Delta Dental contracts with federal, state and local agencies to administer dental plans that provide much-needed services for those without group-sponsored coverage.
  • TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (for Uniformed Service retirees and family members).
  • Healthy Families (for previously uninsured children with household incomes between 100 and 200 percent of the federal Poverty level).

Delta Dental companies offer dental benefits programs to national groups with employees located in more than one state. Delta Dental member companies currently provide employee benefits to over 93,000 groups nationwide. See our client profile for more information.

Delta Dental offers the following national dental benefit packages:

  • Delta Dental Premier®
  • Delta Dental PPOSM
  • Delta Dental PPO plus Premier
  • DeltaCare® USA
  • Delta Dental Select®
  • Delta Dental Patient Direct®
  • Delta Vision®
  • Client Profile

DeltaCare USA plans offer:

  • No annual maximum on general services and no deductible
  • No copayments for most diagnostic and preventive services
  • Conveniently located network of private and group dental offices
  • Coverage in many states
  • Plans for small businesses with 5-99 eligible employees
  • Plans for individuals in many states
  • Completely employee-paid (voluntary) plans
  • Available as part of a dual-choice plan

Delta Dental PPOSM

Delta Dental PPO is one of our three contracted national network based programs. Participating dentists agree to fee schedules as payment in full. These PPO schedules provide deeper discounts that result in savings to the group and enrollees. As with all of the Delta Dental networks, dentists agree to processing policies and are prohibited from billing and collecting fees in excess of the agreed upon schedule. This product allows enrollees to visit any dentist but offers additional savings when visiting a PPO network dentist.

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