Affordable Dental Plans

Nice dental care is well-deserved by all of us, but it costs a lot of money in US. That is where the affordable dental plans come into picture. The affordable dental care has its own importance in making you look good with white, well-placed teeth. It increases your self-confidence and people get attracted towards your pearly smile. Well-maintained teeth also prevent progress of oral health related problems. Evidence also exists that bacteria infested teeth and gums lead to a swelling inside the body.

Affordable Dental Plans

Nice dental care is well-deserved by all of us, but it costs a lot of money in US. That is where the affordable dental plans come into picture. The dental care has its own importance in making you look good with white, well-placed teeth. It increases your self-confidence and people get attracted towards your pearly smile. Well-maintained teeth also prevent progress of oral health related problems. Evidence also exists that bacteria infested teeth and gums lead to a swelling inside the body. It can further cause a heart and artery complication. It is also suggested by medical experts that one should consult a dentist every six months.

Affordable dental plans go a long way in making sure that you are able to meet this obligation. These plans provide the consumer with a plethora of choices regarding their dental needs in their own state. These dental plans can be chosen by the customer in accordance with their own needs and personal income. The affordable dental plans for groups have been formulated by insurance carriers for employers. These plans can take care of most of the needs of their employees. These plans also hope to make sure that health care services are available to people who are not working. Even if they are self-employed they can meet their requirements in the best possible way through these plans.

It is necessary that you take care of some points before opting for a dental insurance plan. The first in the checklist is to enquire about a company’s credibility. The best way to do is to check its references. Get knowledge about all the customers listed on the site. The consumers will be able to give you sufficient data about the company’s services. It would also pay off you well if you are able to get services from consumer assistance organizations in this regard. You can also go about scrutinizing the customer service section of the company with certain service related questions.

Some examples of such questions are the number of dental visits undertaken annually, coverage for X-rays and cost of a root canal. One can also get to know about the speed of claim processing and number of charges not covered in a claim. By following all these tips strictly, you will be able to find an affordable dental plan best meeting your needs.

Some of the commendable dental insurance providers existing in US are AmeriPlan Dental, Avia dental plan and Boston dental plans.

Family Dental Plans

Family dental plans cover most of the usual dental maintenance procedures that your family may require, like teeth cleaning, routine checkups, fillings, and sometimes even extractions. There are some plans that cover even dental surgery, if you wish to get one of these you should consult with your insurance provider about it. Besides the free dental procedures that you can exploit  of, you can also get huge discounts on other dental procedures. Most of them offer up to 60% discount which means a lot of savings for you and your family. Getting family dental plans is easier to get than individual plans. In fact, in one or two days your plan is already activated and you will be able to use it as you deem fit.

Group Dental Plans

This kind of insurance plan does not require employees to meet an insurance agent and may be established without the need for the employer or any of its representatives to have a face- to-face interview with an insurance agent. The benefits you would expect upon getting group dental plans are just similar to those offered by the traditional insurance and these include the following:
  • This increases your employees’ morale while providing an efficient means to enhance your discount and benefits package. …Read More

Low Cost Dental Plans

There are a lot of people who hesitate to go to a dentist even though they are aware that they already have dental problems. This could be due to the reason that it is not included in the monthly budget or they cannot simply afford to have one. However, the good news is that there are various low cost dental plans available these days which provide a discounted dental service among various types of individuals and in families as well.

Instant coverage can be availed with these plans. Waiting for several months in order to obtain this kind of coverage is no longer necessary. The plans vary and you may opt to obtain the plan which suits your requirements and current needs. Membership is not much of a hassle since fees may be paid annually and as soon as you filled in your membership, you can immediately avail of dental services.

Discount Dental Plans

Discount dental plans are now becoming the top selection of a lot of companies for their employees’ use. With traditional dental insurance it often takes a while when processing applications, and when your applications do get approved the deductibles that they charge are more often than not too high. What’s worse is that a lot of insurance companies force their policy holders to pay annual maximums regardless of their coverage needs, resulting to a lot of plan cancellations. These problems do not exist in discount plans. The great thing about discount plans you will get immediate discounts on dental services and on some selected products, no need to fill out a ton of paperwork that usually comes with traditional dental insurance. Discount plans do not require approval, and is activated in as fast as 1 or 2 days, meaning you can get the benefits faster. And another thing that makes discount plans even better is that they even if you have a pre-existing dental condition, you are still entitled to the discounts you want to avail of.

Federal Dental Plans

If you’re searching for dental insurance that’s funded by the government, you need to keep in mind to basic facts regarding them. First, most federal dental plans are given to those who work for the federal government only. And second, most of the government sponsored dental plans can be availed by families that fall within the low-income bracket.

If you’re lucky enough to work for the federal government, then there are a lot of choices that are laid out for you and for your family. There’s really no need for you to do any more research on how to get a hold of these federal dental plans, because all the information you will need will be in the pamphlets given to you as employees of the government. All you will need to do is find which option is right for you and your family.

Affordable Dental Care

People who have dental insurance coverage generally get quality dental care without any additional cost of treatment. For the great majority who does not have insurance coverage, finding affordable dental care is the only option available

List of popular dental plans providers below:

1. Aetna Dental Plan

Aetna Dental Access Dental offices are located throughout the United States. Aetna Dental Access is responsible for its accuracy and completeness. Aetna is one of the nation’s leading diversified health care benefits companies, serving members with information and resources to help them make better informed decisions about their health care. Aetna offers a broad range of traditional and consumer-directed health Read More »

2. Alpha Dental Plan

The Alpha Dental Plan is a discount fee-for-service dental plan, available on an individual dental plan basis. Members of Alpha Dental Plans can select dentists and dental specialists from its quality network providers, have no waiting before dental services begin and they can use the dental plan as much as they wish each year. All dental providers pre-qualified and credentialed Read More »

3. AmeriPlan Dental Care

To keep dental diseases at bay and to meet the rising costs of dental treatment it is important that you choose a good dental plan. Having a dental plan should encourage you to take more preventive care of your teeth to avoid the more serious dental problems. Think about this before choosing a dental plan. Dental Health Care Plan provide consumers with the value they desire by offering access to quality, affordable dental care at a low price and with an emphasis on choice and service. Read More »

4. Avia Dental Plan

Avia Dental Plan ® is a discount dental plan. We have developed a large network of established dental practices* to offer our members savings of up to 80% on dental services. Also included in the membership is Vision care with savings of up to 60% and a Prescription Drug plan with an average savings of 20%. The Avia Dental Plan Advantages Affordable Read More »

5. Blue Shield Plan

Blue Cross Blue Shield’s dental health plans are said to be some of the most popular forms of insurance coverage that their company has to offer. With its popularity only increasing over the years, it is clear that Blue Cross Blue Shield is a reliable company to work with. With a little bit of research, you’ll learn that this company Read More »

6. Careington Dental Plan

CAREINGTON International provides an affordable, nationwide dental and vision plan. With one of the largest professional networks to choose from, individuals and groups have access to a broad range of dental and vision services at substantial savings. The CAREINGTON dental and vision plan has no waiting periods, no administrative forms, and no deductibles. There are two series of CAREINGTON Dental Plan CAREINGTON … Read More »

7. CIGNA Dental Care

CIGNA Dental Care standard DHMO offering and Value Plan options offer your employees comprehensive coverage for a wide range of dental services. Most preventive procedures are covered at 100%, giving members the confidence that they can access affordable dental care as needed. The CIGNA Dental Care Value Plans, an expansion of its DHMO portfolio, are designed to give employers the flexibility to Read More »

8. Delta Dental Plan

Delta Dental is a member of the nationwide Delta Dental Plans Association, which covers more than 50 million Americans and includes the participation of three out of four dentists nationwide. All 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are covered by DDPA member companies. Delta Dental has led the industry in offering innovative programs designed to control Read More »


Dental plans like the ones offered through aren’t insurance plans. Instead, they are discount programs. Discount dental plans allow you to save money on dental care. Dental care providers agree to treat members of such plans for a fraction of their regular prices. For example, a dental care provider who usually charged $40 or $50 for a routine, 6 month Read More »

10. Savon Dental Plan

In July of 1992 Savon Dental Plan opened its’ doors in Phoenix Arizona. Until 2005 Savon Dental Plan was available only in the state of Arizona. Realizing the need for their plan on a nationwide scale, Savon started recruiting dentists Nationwide in June of 2005. Along with the national expansion came a unique idea. Instead Read More »

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