Dentist Miami Beach

A beautiful smile is a captivating feature of the face and leaves a formidable first impression. With today’s modern advances in Miami’s cosmetic dentistry, why dwell over flawed, stained, or poorly shaped teeth? The slightest change can create a phenomenal difference in your smile, appearance, and self-assurance.

Corrections of dental issues not only help to create a beautiful smile, but overall a healthier mouth. Crooked and crowding teeth make cleaning your teeth and mouth more difficult, which can lead to teeth decay, periodontal and gum disease which can lead to possible teeth loss. Improper bite can not only cause issues with proper chewing and speaking functions but also abnormally worn enamel of the teeth, which leads to serious problems with the jaw if not properly corrected through proper dental treatment. Because of the high volume of traffic in Miami cosmetic dentistry, many people are choosing Miami for numerous of cosmetic procedures. Miami cosmetic dentistry gives the bright white smile everyone desires.

There are a number of Miami area dentists that provide these professional Miami teeth whitening services. If you don’t have a dentist you already go to in Miami, contact the South Florida District Dental Association for help finding a dentist that provides these treatments in your area.

10 Cosmetic Dentists in Miami

1. Thomas J Dahlan, DMD – General Dentist

6262 Bird Rd Ste 3A3B Map it

Miami, FL 33155

Ph: 305-661-4088

2. Astoria Dental – Lopez, Oscar DMD

420 Lincoln Rd Ste 215

Miami Beach, FL

(305) 674-0200


3. Abramowitz, Mona M DDS

939 Arthur Godfrey Rd

Miami Beach, FL

(305) 534-2002

4. Bacheikov, Zalman DDS

420 Lincoln Rd Ste 215

Miami Beach, FL

(305) 532-6795

5. Elite Endodontics

407 Lincoln Rd Ste 11-G

Miami Beach, FL

(305) 604-8876


6. Fine, Arnold R DDS

975 Arthur Godfrey Rd Ste 306

Miami Beach, FL

(305) 532-1728

7. Gutt, Mark I DDS

975 Arthur Godfrey Rd Ste 304

Miami Beach, FL

(305) 538-2112

8. Iver, William H DDS

1205 Lincoln Rd Ste 203

Miami Beach, FL

(305) 538-8616

9. Roth, Steven E DDS

1688 Meridian Ave Ste 414

Miami Beach, FL

(305) 534-7338

10. Sabo, Victor DDS

960 Arthur Godfrey Rd Ste 110

Miami Beach, FL

(305) 672-1818

Big new service from Miami dentist offices and others around the country is dental implants. These surgically implanted materials are a substitute for the old temporary ‘dentures’ seniors use to replace missing teeth. As a permanent solution, dental implants help create ‘balance’ in a patient’s mouth and promote overall oral health.

Miami cosmetic dentistry gives the option of porcelain veneers to people who want to solve most or even all of their cosmetic dental issues, including spaces or gaps between teeth, fragment teeth, permanently discolored or blemished teeth, worn enamel, and/ or wear and tear. Porcelain Veneers are very thin, custom-made shells that are made from a model of your mouth and jaw provided by Dr. Hoffman, DDS. Porcelain veneers are used to treat spaces between teeth and any teeth that are chipped or worn, permanently stained (unable to be whitened), misshaped or crooked. Dr. Hoffman, DDS, may recommend that you avoid some foods and beverages that have a tendency to stain or discolor veneers.

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