What is DenteMax?

Most of us suffer from dental ailments and getting good quality dental treatment at affordable rates is a priority. This facility should be available irrespective of location. DenteMax has pioneered the concept of dentist networks to take care of this absolute necessity in the lives of many Americans.

DenteMax is a dental network manager founded in 1985 by Ed Cleland. The founding objective of DenteMax was to provide high quality and cost effective dental care. The first dentists to enroll in the DenteMax network were from the Metro Detroit area. Eventually, the network expanded in Michigan, Ohio and California and then all over the country.

DenteMax is a Preferred Provider Organization network of independent dentists. It is one of the largest independent dental PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) networks in the country with more than 128,700 participating dentists. Many insurance companies, third-party administrators and self-funded union groups use the DenteMax network while creating their dental benefit plans.

DenteMax network member dentists can be found by searching their website. There is no paperwork or waiting period involved while choosing a DenteMax dentist. Each family member can choose a dentist of their preference in whichever location they prefer. There are also no restrictions in changing dentists.

DenteMax Dentists

DenteMax has established a set of credentials that a dentist who wish to enroll in their network should possess. A dentist is certified and enrolled in the network on completing and passing the credentials requirements. To maintain the level of quality, dentists are recertified every three years.

The dentists who enroll in the network have to agree to accept a set fee schedule when receiving payment for dental services. All DenteMax dentists charge reduced fees according to the discounted fee schedule. When you choose a DenteMax dentist, you get to save money on your dental visit. You may save up to 50% on fees compared to other dentists. Average savings is around 30%.

Both general and specialist dentists are available in the DenteMax network. DenteMax dentists offer regular and preventive dental treatments. They also offer specialist treatments like oral surgery, orthodontics (braces), root canal therapy and gum disease treatment. Pediatric dentistry specialists are also available in the DenteMax network.

Dentists work directly with patients regarding treatment plans. There are no limitations on specialist referrals. Before making an appointment or receiving services, it is better to check with your dental office to confirm that your dentist is enrolled in the DenteMax Network.

DenteMax Networks

Following are some of the types of DenteMax networks:

    • Commercial / Standard
      Dental plan administrators choose the DenteMax commercial network. The network is used while preparing their dental plans.
  • Individual Membership
    Individual members can purchase access to the network for themselves and / or family and present the membership card to participating dentists. When a member visits a participating dentist and presents a membership card, they are charged according to the reduced DenteMax fee schedule, with payment due at the time of service. It is an alternative to dental insurance.
  • Medicare Network
    The DenteMax Medicare network includes those dentists who participate in Medicare plans.

Opting for a dentist enrolled in the DenteMax network will ensure that you receive quality treatment at discounted fees.

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