Where to Find Low Cost Dental Care?

According to a report by the Oral Health Update in America, more than 108 million Americans lack dental insurance. Due to this, people are looking out for more affordable forms of dental care. One of the options in this is to visit a low cost dentist.

If you scout thoroughly, you should be able to find a low cost dentist in your area. Once you locate a low cost dentist, you can check about the quality of care offered. Your friends and relatives are reliable sources for such information. Once you get positive feedback about a low cost dentist in your area, you can visit the clinic to get first-hand information on the facilities and the types of treatment offered. Such is information is now generally available on the clinic’s website or in case you call them. By following these steps, you can zero-in on a low cost dentist who will be able to provide you the necessary treatment at a cost that you can afford.

One of the best ways to find a low cost dentist is to search the internet. You can also try the classified section of newspapers. You can also tap your friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. to find out if any of them know any low cost dentists.

There are many ways people can find affordable dental care that does not cause a dent to their finances. Some of the options for getting low cost dental care are:

The American Dental Association (ADA) has a list of dentists and dental schools that offer low cost dental care. The ADA also has the details of local dental societies that offer low cost dental care.

Some dentists charge for services rendered based on your income. Some dentists let you pay in installments over a period of time. Some others give you discounts on the total cost.

You can also enroll for a dental discount plan. For a small membership fee,
you can get discounted rates from participating dentists every time you visit them. A dental discount plan is often the most affordable and low cost option to receive quality dental care.

You can also try the Community Dental Health resources in your state or territory for getting low cost services from dentists.

Accessing the resources of The United Way is another option that will direct you to reduced-cost dental services in your community.

For citizens with physical, medical, and mental disabilities, The National Foundation of Dentistry for Handicapped, a charity organization helps in providing low cost dental services. Donated Dental Services (DDS) is a NFDH program covering most of the United States. It is a program for the disadvantaged people, where numerous dentists provide the dental care treatment to maintain oral health.

Some websites helping to find low cost dental care

Following are links to websites that give details about low cost dental care:


There are many avenues worth exploring that provides the dental care that you need at a fraction of the cost that a regular dentist would charge. Low cost dentists will provide the oral care you need at an affordable price without compromising on the quality.

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