Affordable Dental Plans in Missouri

Have you been looking for an affordable dental plan in Missouri, but haven’t been having any luck? Missouri Dental Plans are just like anywhere else in the USA, but you have to shop around to find the best one. However, there is one particular type of plan that stands out more than any other out there. This is called a Dental Discount Plan.

Dental Discount Plans aren’t insurance in any way, shape or form. They simply offer consumers substantial discounts on routine dental care, some of which is not covered immediately by purchasing dental insurance. For example, pre-existing conditions are not covered by dental insurance until you’ve gone through a “waiting period” of twelve months or more. They cover most things like cleanings, flouride treatments, ect. But even then you’ll still have to pay your high premiums and deductible costs.

Here showcasing private cosmetic dentists in MO Missouri our list of cosmetic dentists in this area offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services including teeth whiteing, invisalgn braces, dental implants, porcelain veneers and smile makeovers, cosmetic crowns and dentures.

John Leible DDS
404 Tanner St, Sikeston, MO – Missouri
63801-4273 | 573-471-8080

Douglas Carano DDS
7056 Highway Bb, Cedar Hill, MO – Missouri
63016-2301 | 636-274-0447

William Jolly DDS
1415 S Morris St, Mexico, MO – Missouri
65265-2238 | 573-581-0511

Jeffrey Holloway DDS
1711 W 9th St, Sedalia, MO – Missouri
65301-5208 | 660-826-0111

Glenn Stenquist DDS
1021 W Buchanan St Ste 18, California, MO – Missouri
65018-1238 | 573-796-8686

Robert Ritterbusch DDS
P O Box 271, Smithville, MO – Missouri
64089-0271 | 816-532-0266

Paul Miller DDS
2918 Saint Marys Ave, Hannibal, MO – Missouri
63401-3715 | 573-221-1013

Cindy Woodbury DDS
RR 3, Aurora, MO – Missouri
65605- | 417-678-1400

Neil Riley DDS
601 W Nifong Blvd Ste 4a, Columbia, MO – Missouri
65203-6804 | 573-449-2311

Richard Mooney DDS
5567 Oakville Shopg Ctr, Saint Louis, MO – Missouri
63129-3554 | 314-487-9700

You may be thinking “what if I don’t need the Root Canal?”. Alright, let’s do the math without it. Your total cost without the plan would now be $289.00. Your cost with the plan would still only be $134.00, a savings of $155.00. Even if your individual dental plan costed $100.00, you’d still be ahead $55.00. Also, multiply those savings by the number of people in your family and figure in at least one Root Canal, Extraction, Bridge work, Dentures, Braces or some other major dental care. Also figure that you’ll still be able to use the plan for the entire year.

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