Walk in Dental Clinics – An Overview

The term “Walk in clinic” is typically used to describe a healthcare institution that provides services to patients on a walk-in basis. These clinics usually offer healthcare services to individuals who are suffering from non-life-threatening but otherwise painful or serious conditions that need immediate attention. A walk in clinic is usually found in your neighborhood shopping mall, market or pharmacy.

A walk in dental clinic is a dental healthcare practice that does not require a patient to have a prior appointment for receiving treatment. You can simply walk into any of these clinics, get on-the-spot appointment and consult the doctor. The waiting period to receive dental care will only depend on the number of patients in the queue who has walked in before you. Walk in dental clinic provides affordable quick oral care for ailments that require immediate attention and for which waiting longer for a specialist’s appointment is not an option.

Features of walk in dental clinic

Walk in dental clinics are usually always open and staffed with qualified and licensed dental professionals. Patients can easily access these clinics for dental services. These walk-in facilities provide urgent care and routine dental health checkups. The number of patients seen is limited and the clinics usually operate on a first come – first served basis. The patients will be registered on arrival and has to wait for their turn to be called for diagnosis and treatment.

Walk in dental clinics are small in size and have only limited resources. It remains open for longer durations. Most clinics are usually open seven days a week, twelve hours a day during the workweek and eight hours a day on the weekends. It is convenient for those people who work full-time jobs and who cannot get out of work during normal working hours. All the dental professionals running such clinics are qualified and registered doctors who have ample experience. Walk in dental clinics are highly affordable when compared to the fees charged by a specialist dentist in a normal dental clinic or office.

The process of receiving care in a walk in dental clinic

When you go to walk in dental clinic, your name will be registered. You medical history will be reviewed and your parameters checked. A brief examination of your mouth and teeth also takes place and limited x-ray images might be taken, if needed. This examination provides the information needed to determine the best clinical treatment for your needs. The treatments are then provided accordingly. Additional appointments are scheduled to follow up on the treatment and to provide guidance on maintaining your overall oral health.

It is a good idea to research and locate walk in dental clinics in your area that can provide professional services, have experienced doctors and will treat your specific ailments. It is also important to look out for a clinic which offers you with immediate, professional dental care without a long waiting time.

Walk in dental clinics are the optimum choice when it comes to dental ailments that cannot be considered as emergencies but still requires immediate intervention for relief from the pain. With a good walk in dental clinic, you can receive the prompt treatment and proper advice from a skilled dental care professional.

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