Savon Dental Plan

In July of 1992 Savon Dental Plan opened its’ doors in Phoenix Arizona. Until 2005 Savon Dental Plan was available only in the state of Arizona. Realizing the need for their plan on a nationwide scale, Savon started recruiting dentists Nationwide in June of 2005. Along with the national expansion came a unique idea. Instead of working only to save money for the members, Savon would work to save money for the dentists, too. This lead to the formation of the Nation’s only Cost Maintained Organization, (C.M.O.)

Savon Dental Plan® is a membership organization. When you become a member of Savon it is like joining COSTCO. ® You pay a membership fee to us and in return it guarantee you certain services for free and all other services are reduced by at least 50%.

Savon offers three cost saving plans:

  • Basic Plan
  • Plus Plan
  • Senior Plan

Savon Plus Plan Benefits Include

  • Dental Accident Reimbursement Plan

As a member of the Savon Dental Plus Plan, should you have a dental accident, Savon will reimburse you up to $1000.00 for your PAID DENTAL EXPENSE.   Simply send us a copy of your treatment, a brief explanation of the accident and your itemized, paid receipt from the dentist.

  • The Nation’s Only Second Dental Opinion Service

As a member of the Savon Dental Plus Plan, if you go to a dentist, any dentist, and do not feel comfortable with the prescribed treatment, contact our Customer Care Center and we will put you in touch with a dentist from A Second Dental Opinion®.   A dentist will review your treatment plan and give you an unbiased second opinion.   The dentists that work for A Second Dental Opinion® are fully licensed, and although they are not actively practicing, each dentist has over 30 years of clinical experience.

  • Vision Care Discount Plan

As a member of the Savon Dental Plus Plan, you are automatically enrolled in the Coast-to-Coast® Vision Care Plan.   This plan offers discounts on all types of eye care at over 6,000 eye care providers nationwide.

Savon Dental Plan offers Four Distinct Guarantees.

  • Our 30 Day, Money-Back Guarantee
  • “We Pay the Difference, Guaranteed” Fee Schedule
  • Our Lifetime Membership Rate Guarantee
  • Guaranteed Lowest “Facility” fee.

Savon Dental Plan offer Senior Dental Plan – A Lower Cost Option. The Senior Plan was developed particularly for those over 65 years old who might be:

  • Retired
  • Working part-time with no benefits
  • Disabled veterans with no dental benefits – (under age 65 – copy of dd214 required)
  • On Medicare with no dental benefits
  • On a fixed or limited income

And do not require the extensive benefits of the Plus Plan including access to over 13,000 dentists nationwide.

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