Advantages of Discount Dental Plans over Traditional Dental Insurance

With the cost of basic commodities rising every day, people are having a difficult time budgeting the money for their basic needs, and this includes their dental care. This is why people are now turning to dental insurance so that they do not have to fret in case a major dental problem happens in the near future. But dental insurance is a bit on the expensive side and most of them offer limited coverage, and many of them do not even cover pre-existing dental conditions and cosmetic surgery which is needed by some people. These are the reasons why most people won’t even bother getting dental insurance. Fortunately there is an alternative to expensive insurance, and that is discount dental plans.

Discount dental plans are now becoming the top selection of a lot of companies for their employees’ use. With traditional dental insurance it often takes a while when processing applications, and when your applications do get approved the deductibles that they charge are more often than not too high. What’s worse is that a lot of insurance companies force their policy holders to pay annual maximums regardless of their coverage needs, resulting to a lot of plan cancellations. These problems do not exist in discount plans. The great thing about discount plans you will get immediate discounts on dental services and on some selected products, no need to fill out a ton of paperwork that usually comes with traditional dental insurance. Discount plans do not require approval, and is activated in as fast as 1 or 2 days, meaning you can get the benefits faster. And another thing that makes discount plans even better is that they even if you have a pre-existing dental condition, you are still entitled to the discounts you want to avail of.

Though there is a disadvantage when you opt for discount plans, and that is your choice of dentists and clinics are very limited. Meaning, if you’ve always been visiting the same dentist for years, you may have to choose another if he isn’t on the list of enrolled doctors in your plan. You need to go to only those on your plan’s list of dentists to avail of the discounts.

If you’re thinking of getting discount dental plans, it is advised that you first understand the status of your dental health first. If your dentist says that it is advised for you to come and visit the clinic frequently due to a pre-existing dental condition then you must definitely get one. But on the other hand if you have impeccable oral health and only need to go the clinic for routine checkup and maintenance, then you should find other plans.

Oral health should be one of your top priorities, and because of the assistance of discount dental plans, even if you have a tight budget you can still afford to have regular dental checkups. So even in these trying times of financial uncertainty you can still flash a brilliant smile.

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